Urban Sprawl

Austin is Getting Bigger

This is no secret, and according to multiple sources and statistics, Austin is slightly under 1 million (over if you count metro area) and will reach 3+ million in ten years; give or take.

A Majority-Minority city

No ethnic or demographic group exists

What does this mean? It means that there is no 'one' demographic that rules Austin unless you count 'young college graduates'!

Why do business in Austin?

Why being an entrepreneur here is an amazing experience?

On a personal, editorial comment, Austin is great because you don't need a lot of money to get your business started. While many strive to be the next 'tech startup', the reality is that most entrepreneurs are completely excited to have their own 'solopreneur' business that they can have for themselves and not rely on a corporate paycheck. And Austin is the place to do it...guerilla marketing, networking, meetups, and the overall willingness of your fellow peers, neighbors, and business folks create a support network that will keep you motivated, act as your mentor, and keep the dream alive. The resources in this city are AMAZING. Women, minority, veteran...you name it, there's a resource for it.

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We are for Entrepreneurs + Solopreneurs

Austinpreneur is about 'the mom and pop' shops. Large startups already have a lot of support, but the businesses that have small budgets and small staffs...we're with you!

There's a Pot for Every Lid

All ideas are good ideas...just sometimes in the wrong moment. Too many times we let everyone else make our business decisions for us. As many entrepreneurs have said...if I listened to everyone else, I wouldn't have a business. We help you 'find your lane' and figure it out.

Take ATX Productions owned by David Bibiano sums up Austin best! He is a true Austinpreneur!

Shop Small

Currently, there are 28 million American small businesses, which account for 54% of all U.S. sales. Mom and Pop entrepreneurs are experts in their industry and help keep the money local.

We Want You to Get Involved

The only way for us to support you...is if you get involved and support each other! We know there are hundreds of networking groups out there, but the goal for Austinpreneur is to be a 'passive' resource when you need it. No obligations, just an idea that will hopefully help you grow.

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