Become an Austinpreneur Expert!

At Austinpreneur Magazine, we pride ourselves on bringing you news, tips, tricks, events, and more industry specific ideas that will help improve your career and business within the building and construction industry!

Becoming a contributor means you are part of a team of professionals who cover various topics including marketing, industry news, local markets and more.

Our contributors submit articles, infographics, videos, podcasts, etc., which are published on our website as often as we receive articles. We’re always open to new ideas.

There are many benefits of becoming a contributor:

Austinpreneur logo: Once you are officially a contributor, you are welcome to request the contributor logos. The logos can be used on marketing materials and your email signature — every email you send will reinforce your voice in the industry. All we ask is that you link the logo back to your author’s page on our website.

Pro tips:

How-tos and lists are always popular and well-read
Self-promotional articles will not be accepted, and these articles fall under ‘advertorial’ content


Who can contribute?

Articles should be of value to our readers.

What should I write about?

  • Topics that matter to you, your clients, colleagues, competitors, vendors, industry leaders and policy-makers.A specific niche within the industry
  • A personal experience that taught you a lesson or two.
  • A valuable insight no one else can offer.
  • The pros and cons about an industry practice or policy, government action or anything else controversial.
  • Educate your colleagues about a new process, practice or technology that helped grow your business.

Remember: If you haven’t read about it, write about it …

Email if you have ideas for articles you would like to contribute.

Articles should be 500-800 words (longer, if the subject merits it).
Limit your introduction; get to the point.
Offering advice? Provide three to five (but no more than 10) action items or takeaways.
Anecdotes help provide color and make your article unique.
Use simple, direct prose and active verbs.
Use Associated Press (AP) style. Strunk and White’s “The Elements of Style” also is an excellent resource for any writer.
Every writer needs an editor. Ask a colleague to review your article to make sure the points you make are clear before you submit it.

How often can I contribute?

Write more frequently if you want to increase your visibility and build your personal brand.

Do I need to provide images?

We appreciate original photography but do not accept any images. If you have an idea about how to illustrate your article, talk to us!

What happens after I submit my article?

Our editors will review it for content and determine where it fits with our upcoming editorial calendar. When the article is ready for publication, you’ll be notified so that you’ll know when to visit and see your byline!

Do you edit my article?

All submissions reviewed by our editorial team for compliance with Associated Press style guidelines and publishing policies. We reserves the right to edit all article headlines and other content to ensure that contributed articles are read by as many of our community members as possible.

Do you publish archival content?

If you have previously published content,we would be happy to review it.

What about publication rights?

All submissions become the property of Austinpreneur Magazine upon publication.